20 More Pieces of Old-Fashioned Relationship Advice (For Girls)

6a00d8341c7c8e53ef0177446ff133970d1. No man is an island; therefore, no couple is an island.

2. Take note of how he treats children and elderly people.

3. 10 years older is not too old.

4. Go on dates, not “hangouts”.

5. Don’t let chivalry go unnoticed.

6. Act like someone who’s worthy of respect.

7. Maintain physical boundaries.

8.ย Try to maintain emotional boundaries.

9.ย Wear dresses, even when there’s no occasion.

10. Understand that not everything is personal.

11. Honesty is attractive, self-deprecation is not.

12. A mature relationship involves mature people.

13. If you don’t honor the rules of the relationship, don’t expect him to.

14. Long-distance will be harder than you think.

15. Know what he believes before you date him.

16. Make choices, don’t give ultimatums.

17. Don’t judge your relationship’s progress by someone else’s.

18. Pray, a lot.

19. Love him.

20. Loving him doesn’t mean you need to, or should, be in a relationship with him.