Let’s Be More Open About Our Sexuality


Sex has always seemed nebulous and far off to me. I never got the infamous talk from my parents. Most of what I learned as a blossoming teen came from the cheap jokes of my classmates and awkward presentations in health courses. The media hasn’t helped much either. Throw in some squeamishness from Christians who are walking a hard line to stay pure, and you’ve got a big, boiling pot of confusion.

As believers, we like to challenge ourselves to gain all the biblical knowledge we can. We decipher the original Hebrew meaning of key words to clarify alleged inconsistencies. We fiercely debate predestination versus free will.

Yet, we put sex in the vaguest terms possible and expect people to have a deep and profound understanding of it. When the topic does come up, we act like we just stepped on something slimy in the ocean. As if, by merely talking about it, we’ll be consumed with unholy desires. Song of Solomon is practically a banned book. God intended it for marriage. Keep yourself pure. Wait for the right person. All these phrases do is sweep the topic under the rug.

In my personal experience, this has left me feeling strangely guilty about the idea of having sex. After being told it’s taboo for so long, how can I be expected to shed years of confusion, fear, and restraint when the time comes? Will some primal instinct take over and I’ll suddenly be endowed with wisdom from beyond? I don’t know! No one ever talks about it! It also makes me rather embarrassed that I don’t have a clearer, more godly perspective on such an important part of life. So often, it’s exploited and misconstrued, and I don’t know how to talk about it, let alone defend it. I’d like for that to change.

So let’s be a little more open about our sexuality, shall we? Hiding from it doesn’t develop reverence for it. It leaves us in the dark, making us scared to understand it – and we shouldn’t be scared of something God created for us.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Be More Open About Our Sexuality

  1. Hi, I have no problem talking about sex. It is a wonderful God given function set aside for marriage and marriage between a real (*) man and a real (*) woman (my emphasis added. God said a “man shall leave and cleave to his wife and the tworld shall be one flesh.” Think about cleaving (not the gap between your breasts). To cleave something brings you together and causes you to stick together. This is what part of sex does. When done only in marriage is this true. Out of marriage it brings guilt and remorse. In the OT you find a man and a woman would consume their marriage the night of the marriage and many times you find it done in the parents tent. Tho legally they had been married a year, after what we call the engagement period, they would consume the marriage by consummation it the night of the wedding! Ie: it brought together the oneness of the union. That”s why I Matthew the disciples were shocked that even if their wife, not yet consumated, had committed fornication they could get a divorce but Jesus said no go ahead and marry them. They were shocked. Or remain a eunich… I could go on and on. Maybe our next Bible study we will do it on this subject. How about that?
    Calvin Fritchey

    May the Lord preserve you until that wonderful day!

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