5 Clothing/Beauty Hacks that will Metaphorically Save Your Life



1. Cut open cosmetic tubes and dilute shampoo with water to make your products last longer. When you can’t squeeze anything else out of that stubborn tube, cut it open. There’s usually a ton of precious gunk (makeup, face wash, etc.) still left clinging to the sides. When you can’t pump one more drop out of your shampoo bottle, rinse the insides with water and use the resulting diluted solution instead.

2. Use a hair elastic to hold down a belt that’s too long. Ever pair a belt with a dress, only to have the end of the belt jutting off into space? Slide a clear hair elastic onto the belt, then slip the end that’s sticking out through it so that it’s secured to the part around your waist. Works like a charm every time. All of my belts have elastics permanently attached to them.

3. Transform your shirts with holes in them into cropped tops. I get those awful holes in my shirts where the belt rubs the fabric into anything I lean against. Turn the shirts into cropped tops by cutting off the bottom and hemming.

4. Wear biker shorts or tights under your dresses to prevent chafing. Most of you probably already knew this, but if you’re too lazy to actually find something that you can wear under your dresses (like I was for years), stop being lazy. Biker shorts are the easiest option, but tights have the added benefit of making your legs look smooth. And they’re just classy in general.

5. Use conditioner, shampoo, or body wash in the place of shaving cream. Getting into the shower and realizing that you have no cream to shave with is awful. Any old goop will do in a pinch. Also, if you have nothing to moisturize with afterwards, check your pantry. Olive oil and coconut oil both work great!

I’ve only included hacks on this list that I know work from personal experience. Share your favorite shortcuts in the comments!

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