20 Pieces of Old-Fashioned Relationship Advice


There’s a lot of mixed messages out there when it comes to dating, so I thought I’d throw my two cents in there. Some of these are just common sense. Some can be applied to more than just romantic relationships. I’ll let you decide.

  1. Don’t jump to conclusions. 
  2. Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep.
  3. Think before you speak.
  4. Take things slow.
  5. Take things seriously.
  6. Talking in person is always best.
  7. You’ll catch more flies with honey. Be nice.
  8. Don’t play games.
  9. Don’t throw yourself at him.
  10. Don’t give up too soon.
  11. Honesty is the best policy.
  12. So is modesty.
  13. Forgive the little flaws. You have them too.
  14. Be a lady.
  15. Bake him cookies.
  16. But let him pay.
  17. Avoid compromising situations.
  18. Keep the end goal in sight.
  19. Listen to your parents. Sometimes they see things you don’t.
  20. Love God more than you love him. 


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