Christian Girls Want to Have Sex Too

christian girls want sex too

We put so much emphasis on men when it comes to sexual purity. Sure, we tell girls to dress modestly, but it’s always the boys that get those real and honest talks about pornography. We give girls purity rings and tell them to wait and we put browsing filters on boys’ phones.

It’s clear that we don’t take women seriously when it comes to sex.

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Christianity and Atheism’s Common Ground: The Problem of Evil Part 1


Atheistic scholars have labeled the problem of evil as the “Achilles’ heel” of Christian theism. They claim that, like Achilles’ heel, the problem of evil inevitably brings Christianity to ruin. In fact, many God-professing individuals have converted to atheism due to this unresolved question. But Christian theists are not left without an answer to the problem of evil.

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